Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tipping Dog Groomers and Dog Salon Owners

Pet Groomers: To Tip or Not to Tip?

I used to be a waiter - and back then, made about $3  an hour.  Most waiters and waitresses depend on tips to survive. Banquet waiters and hotel waiters usually, make a fair wage - do you tip them? At hotel parties, I don't tip if they pour a glass of wine like they are supposed to. I DO TIP when they do something special or go above and beyond their normal duties.

Do you tip your hairdresser?  What if they own the salon and is keeping the whole $50 - do you still tip him?  Some people feel since the employee is getting paid less, they should get a tip.  So many questions about tipping. I found this great article online  about tipping dog groomers, written by the owner of a grooming salon.

He says, " “Tips are not necessary, but they are appreciated.  I leave the amount, if any, up to the customer." And just because he is  charging $40 for a dogs cut - does not mean he gets to keep it all. He has expenses and overhead.   Read the article here - it's very interesting!


Malvi said...

Hey, a great blog you have :-)


debbie53dog said...

Hi Derrick,
Here is another sad story but we all need to know how our how our family members are treated when taken to a day care. This poor little Yorkie 3-4 pounds named Peanut lost her life after being transported in a van to a day care in NY. She had been choked to death. I even sent an email to this company asking if they had changed thier policy of not using choke chains while transporting the pets they are taking care of. All they need to do is use crates. How simple is that. Here is the New York Times website. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/10/18/nyregion/at-day-care-for-dogs-a-surprise-choke-collars-that-can-kill.html?_r=0
Just thought you may want to read this. Debbie, Lady Bug and Bebe

Miniature Yorkie said...

Who puts a choke collar on a yorkie? seriously??? How stupid!