Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Does Your Yorkie Get Bad Breath?

This is cool!
What dog likes their teeth brushed? Not Many!

While this is not a substitute for teeth brushing - it will kill bad breathe!

Your dog will gladly  LICK  their bad breath away!

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debbie53dog said...

Hi Derrick,
Last week I read about a man putting his puppy in a dishwasher and killing him because he wasn't house trained and was going potty in the house. Today I am reading about a man that got mad at his Yorkie about not going when he wanted her too. He throws the little Yorkie off the balcony out of anger. There is a video you can watch that shows this. Then let's hang this guy up by his you know what's and try and get some justice. The man that killed his puppy in the dishwasher go off Scott Free. I hope this guy doesn't since there is the video of his actions. I feel so sad for these babies. http://www.care2.com/causes/shocking-video-man-throws-little-dog-off-hotel-balcony.html
Debbie, Lady Bug and Bebe

derrick sorles said...

Hi Debbie - I read about those also - it's just SICKENING. It breaks my heart.