Friday, May 17, 2013

Cadillac SRX Week with a Yorkshire Terrier

 So last weekend, my dads were given a brand new Cadillac SRX Luxury Crossover to drive for a week!  Talk about LUXURY!  WOW!

 The 2013 SRX is a daringly distinctive luxury crossover that serves up equal doses of refinement and exhilaration. From its bold exterior design to the subtle elegance of available heated and ventilated seats, the SRX is pure Cadillac.  -  The ventilated seats were very cool - and they give off heat in the winter!

Perhaps even more remarkable is the intuitive technology the SRX offers like the innovative CUE7 ­- Cadillac User Experience driver interface, which leaps two generations ahead - the control panel was super high tech and my dads kept playing with it.

 the convenient available rear-view camera -  my dads loved this feature - especially for parallel parking. 

or the available Bose® surround sound and HD radio.  8 SPEAKERS!  That my dads insisted on cranking up to full volume, hurting my little ears!

It was a couple gorgeous days, driving on the road across the state. We had the moon/sun roof open and it was cool, because the wind did not obstruct the inside sound of the car. And the Bose system will actually adjust for wind noise!

In the back seat, there are 2 DVD players.  8" screen , wireless headphone, and a remote control. So at one point, I watched LADY AND THE TRAMP!

Another cool thing is the glove box is very big  - and divided in 2. The top portion is cooled, so you can keep a sandwhich or drinks in it.
My dad also really loved the blind spot technology. When changing lanes, the mirror blinks, to warn you someone is in your blind spot.

SO MANY COOL things about this car - we REALLY  REALLY  LIKED IT A LOT!

Thanks  GM/ Cadillac!

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