Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Miss Coco Chanel Passes Today to Doggie Heaven

All collection of photos - in no particular order - of Miss Coco Chanel who passed today at 17.

Coco was the inspiration for this site. And she stayed behind in Michigan with  my partner and I moved to Chicago and later  acquired another Yorkie,  Miss Trixie Lee.

I saw Coco every time I returned to the Detroit area. She was so precious! But it was evident in the last couple years she was really aging and slowing down.

Coco was a wonderful dog with a wonderful spirit. (Don't we all say that, about our babies?!)
In her later years she dealt with cataracts surgery and more recently dementia.  The last time I saw her she did not recognize me, which made me sad. But she still enjoyed playing with toys and lead a good life.

In the last week, it was evident she was slipping away and not eating.  We did not want her in pain or to suffer, after discussions with her vet,  my partner back in Michigan decided last night, he would release her, to go to doggie heaven.

My partner in Michigan said, " Starting on Sunday of this week she wouldn’t eat regardless of what we tried.  Last night and this morning she wouldn’t drink any water.

This morning I took her to the vet and we decided it would be cruel & selfish if we kept her in this world.

Coco was born 1/10/96.  She came into my life 2/12/96 and passed today 2/06/13.  She filled our lives with 17 years of joy.  It gives me solace knowing she’s in heaven with her big sister Molly, as I believe all dogs go to heaven."

Rest in Peace my little Coco. You will never be forgotten for all of the love you gave us.

Thank YOU, Miss Coco!

 (Coco's book is still for sale - look for the book cover at the top left. $10  donation gets the book for free. And money goes to the Humane Society and Chicago Anti Cruelty.)


budpuffa said...

Derrick, I am so sadden by your loss of Coco Chanel...I have her book that I got from you, that was on my first visit to this site. My last Yorkie Bud Puffa lived to be 17& I think Coco had a wonderful long life, but it is never long enough,they bring such incredible joy to the world with their little human like ways. Thanks for sharing her life and the wonderful photos you posted, she was a beautiful and regal lady, who was fortunate enough to have a wonderful life because of her humans that adored her. Coco will never be forgotten by any of us that follow your site. My thoughts along with those of my Yorkie Bug-Z (who we call The Bug) are with you and your partner at this sad time.

A hug to all of you, robin
AND a lick from The Bug

Anonymous said...

I was so saddened to hear of Coco's death. We all know how much she was loved by her humans. She brought great joy to me the very first time that I saw her on this site! I would show her pics & read her stories to my little Yorkie, Winston, who is now nine years old. He brings such joy & love to my life every day. Our thoughts & prayers are with you. Hoping that Miss Trixie is doing well. Sue Jones & Winston (Yorkie)

debbie53dog said...

As I read your subject line all I could do is let out this big sigh as if my heart had dropped to the floor along with a "Oh No". I have also been following Coco Chanel for years and bought her book Enter Barking. I am so glad I have this book because now when she's on my mind I can just thumb through and see a cute little girl who had this fantastic life with two wonderful dads. Her life of 17years is a great accomplishment these days and we as readers could always tell she had the best of every thing. I believe there is a doggy heaven. If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went - Will Rogers. Derrick you are one of the lucky ones that had the opportunity to spend time with Coco Chanel even up to the very end so you are blessed having known this wonderful little lady. It saddens me to hear that she did not remember you went you went to visit her for the last time but that's a part of our cruel side of life. I'm sure that deep down inside she knew who you were and took that memory with her when she left us. Lady Bugs, Bebe and I will be thinking of Coco Chanel and all the beautiful people around her and to let every one know that she is doing just fine in her new life. Just as Coco Chanel was the official greeter at her dad's store many years ago she has now taken over that job in doggy heaven and loving every minute of it.

Best of thoughts.

Debbie, Lady Bug and Bebe

debbie53dog said...

Hi Derrick, I just can't seem to get Miss Coco Chanel out of my mind since her passing. To pay tribute to our little Miniature Yorkshire Terrier website founder I have placed her picture on my computers desktop. I am going to change the picture every couple days in her honor and leave them displayed for the duration of February. I have shared your blog about Miss Coco Chanel with my Facebook and Twitter friends and some of them have already visited your wonderful website in the past. We may have lost Miss Coco Chanel but we still have our wonderful little girl Miss Trixie who has followed in her footsteps with all of your beautiful pictures and articles about her. Time will help us to heal, so give Miss Trixie an extra big hug and a kiss from the gang back here in Missouri.

Debbie, Lady Bug and Bebe

derrick sorles said...

Debbie - that is so kind - and so touching. Thank you! BIG HUGS!

CAMERA obsessed MICHAEL said...

So sorry to hear about Miss Coco Chanel ~ XOXO