Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bad Haircuts for Yorkies

Why is it, I can not find a good groomer in Chicago who understands what I want??
This picture actually makes Trixie look cuter - than she is today!

They cut her body shorter than I wanted, made her face look like a schnauzer,  and now she looks like a bobble head dog!

Well, luckliy it always grows out.

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debbie53dog said...

Miss Trixie is such a cutie pie no matter what kind of haircut she gets she still looks like a doll. Groomers are kinda like barbers and beauticians they get in the habit of cutting a certain style or way and they don't listen to what the customer wants. It's a hard habit to break. If you can ever get a picture of Trixie the way you want her groomed and leave it with the groomer then they will have no excuse to cut it the way you want. You can also go to Yorkie haircut pictures on the Internet and find a picture that matches the style you like and copy it to bring to your groomer. Try this when you get her groomed again and if that doesn't work it's time to find another groomer. Good Luck Derrick!