Saturday, December 8, 2012

It's A Yorkie Christmas Holiday

AHHHHHHHHHHHH it's Christmas time!

Our tree's are up -  we have 2 - and the house is all done up! It's a glittery showplace. Tigger, the cat, keeps trying to get under and in the trees!  #BadCat

I am SO LUCKY to have a home and be loved. Everywhere - Children dream of stockings packed with goodies and big boxes filled with the latest and greatest toys this time of year.

A homeless dog dreams of one thing - being loved.

There is a neat site called WISHCUIT.  Innovative ways to help dogs in need. And there are so many rescues that need help. And dogs that need someone to love them.

WATCH this inspiring video and share some love this season, in some way, whatever way you can help!

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