Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dog Days of Yorkie Summer in Chicago

Where the heck did summer go?  It seemed to fly by this year - and I only got to the beach once this Summer  :-(

Luckily, I discovered our back deck this year. And my dad lets me lay out there with him as he sips his morning coffee...

I love the fresh air....and all the smells!  I am hoping for some nice warm weather, in the coming weeks and hopefully, one final beach day for me.

Until then...I have my patch of sun on the deck!


An Historical Lady said...

I lived my whole life in a suburb of Chgo. until I moved to a 235 yr. old house in New Hampshire 15 yrs. ago. We have 2 of the cutest yorkies ever, and you can see them on my blog here and there---They are Sasha and Deladis, the "ambassadors of peace and goodwill"!!

Loved the post~

derrick sorles said...

I went to your blog...but I could not find your Yorkies....can you give us a link, to a post about them??

An Historical Lady said...

Hi Derrick,
Sorry! Way down at the bottom of my blog is a list of tags. Just look for "YORKIES"---the tags are all in alphabetical order---I have several posts with great photos!
Like you, our girls are definitely our kids!!!