Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yorkie Terrier Rescue Saves Woman

This is amazing!

A rescue Terrier mix dog who saves a woman's life, by jumping on her chest!

One night, while waiting for the surgery, I had another spell but this time, when I came to, I found Ranger on my chest. All of a sudden I realized where the bruises had been coming from: Ranger was jumping up and down on me when my heart delayed restarting.

Ranger would repeat this act several times before I was finally able to clear my body of blood thinners and get my pacemaker. I had saved Ranger’s life, and he, in return, had saved mine — many times over.
Sometimes, when I try to be helpful, it seems my efforts are all in vain. 

When that happens, I wonder why I even bother to try. Then, I remember Ranger and I know I have to keep trying because sometimes miracles can occur!

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Thanks for sharing this, Debbie!

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Jenna said...

Good info! Thanks for sharing with us on your blog.