Friday, April 22, 2011

Famous Fido Dog Rescue Chicago

It's so hard right now-

So much going on in this crazy world, and so many who need help.

Humans and animals. Where do you give? I don't know the answer -I wish I was Oprah and had gobs of money to give all of those in need.

In Chicago, Famous Fido Rescue & Adoption Alliance was founded by Gloria Lissner, owner/operator of Happy Tail’s/Famous Fido’s. In addition to grooming and boarding, Gloria has been a devoted dog rescuer for 40 years. In fact, with 19,000+ animals being put to death annually, Gloria specifically formed FFRAA to collaborate with others to end Chicago animal homelessness and death. Chicago needs to become a NO KILL CITY.

Of course, money is needed to help care for, clean, feed , rehabilitate and find homes. So Gloria, who is also a dog treat manufacturer, is soon launching a cookie campaign. But in the meantime, still funds are needed to help her with her workload.

She really is doing an amazing job in Chicago. If you have a couple extra dollars this month, perhaps consider her campaign.

A dog will love you for it!


Yorkie Puppies said...

OMG, that has to be one of the cutest yorkie puppies I have ever seen, and see quite a lot of them. How adorable, I love the little man!

Bailey said...

It is hard to choose. We split our monthly donations rotating charities through and keeping some on a regular donation schedule. One of our dog charities is the Sheltie breed rescue our dogs were adopted from twice. The need has become greater as they have lost several foster homes to foreclosure.

Yorkies2011 said...

very nice!