Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Worst and Best Foods for Dogs and Yorkies

Pet owners should know how to read labels. They should really teach us that in school! Maybe they do these days - they never did when I was in school! But nutritional labels and ingredient labels ARE SO IMPORTANT! If you don't know, the words "by-products" are something you want to avoid in your pets food. What are "by-products" ? You Ask? You don't really want to know, trust me! But you don't want ANY FOOD that contains "by-products".

CORN and OTHER GLUTEN ingredients can cause dog allergies for some dogs. These are also ingredients you want to avoid. There are no bad for your dog per se', but they offer no nutritional value and dogs can't digest them.

Smaller companies usually produce good food. IAMS used to be a great company. The original owner of IAMS used high quality ingredients for his pet food brand and he never used cheap dog food ingredients just to make a profit. What do corporations do? They cut corners to make bigger profits. Mr. Iams got sick in 1999 so he had to sell his company - It was gobbled up by P & G and that’s when IAMS started to go downhill.

Other bad foods include EUKANUBA, Alpo,Beneful Dog Food, Hills Science Diet Dog Food, Pedigree Dog Food, Purina One and Chow Dog Food, Kibbles and Bits - to same some of the top offenders.

What makes these foods so bad? The contain waste and fillers.
■Non specefic animal source
■Contains BHA, BHT, or ethoxyquin
■No meats in the first five ingredients
■Contains artificial colorants
■Contains ground corn or whole grain corn

These are just some of the things that will make a brand of dog food the worst. Now lets take a look at some of the better dog food brands on the market (These are just my opinion based on the ingredients).

I have been told Royal Canin for Yorkies is a great food. But it does contain some corn and gluten. Others brands I have been reccommended include Blue Buffalo Wilderness, Life's Abundance has all natural human grade ingredients and NOTHING bad in it, Merrick is also rated very good.

There is a site called DOG FOOD ANALYSIS, that rates food. ARTEMIS comes up on top. And many of these companies WILL SEND YOU A FREE SAMPLE, if you want to try it.

So lets eat! What's for dinner?!


Anonymous said...

There is only one correct diet for dogs; it's raw meat and bones. It's called the "species appropriate diet." Our family has been raising Yorkies for over 30 years and since feeding them this correct raw diet and using only natural methods (including no more vaccines, drugs and toxins), our dogs are incredibly healthy and live much longer - 19-22 years instead of the usual 10-12 years. Google the diet to get all the information you need.

derrick sorles said...

WOW! thats good to know! Thanks for sharing - I will check that out!