Monday, December 6, 2010

Miniature Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie Scratching Like Crazy!

My 3 year old Yorkie has been scratching
a lot for about 8 weeks now.
She uses her rear legs to scratch her front shoulders.
Food has always remained the same...
I use 2 different high quality shampoos....
Her skin does not "appear" dry or flakey or red.
No fleas.
I tried a couple topicals with no relief...
The vet of course wants $100 to tell me the problem!
So I thought I would ask here, first. For ideas or solutions.
Any thoughts?


emilene said...

Hi! I don't have an answer but will keep looking as I read other Yorkie forums... My one Yorkie has had skin problems since I can remember and it seems to be getting worse now that she's 5. We've just started a super hypoallergenic food three days ago and she HAD to have shots and antibiotics to get rid of her rash. This has become a huge monthly expense, so my vet and I are on a mission to find the source of her allergies! Perhaps you should examine whether you've introduced anything new to her invironment that she might be reacting to?

Sandra Morris said...

Our Yorkie had a similar problem in the summer. We couldn't see any fleas at all, and she is regularly Frontlined. However the irritation WAS caused by a particularly treatment-resistant strain of flea.

Even if you can't see any fleas, that could still be the problem. They drop off after they've laid eggs and are only actually on the dog for a very small part of their life cycle.

We got some excellent treatment from our vet, applied topically at three week intervals and we also treated all her bedding etc.

Scratching stopped within a few days and she's been fine since.

In any event, hope you get to the bottom of the problem soon. She must be going demented!

Good luck
Sandra (and our Lucy Locket sends get well soon licks to your little Yorkie too.) said...

natural anti inflammatory nutrients - i know, dogs need them too - Vitamin C, Fish Oil. and alfalfa can also help - it's a natural antihistamine - our liquid multi-vitamin has been used for a variety of animal maladies also with remarkable success.

has it really been 3 years ????

Bubbles said...

How about looking for a different veterinarian?