Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Best Shampoo for Yorkies and Yorkshire Terriers

This has been a month of sampling great products!

Last month a reader sent me samples of her special Yorkie Splash and Shine - an exclusive, organic shampoo and conditioner designed just for Yorkies.

In Trixie's 3 short years, I haved tried about 8 different shampoos. And while there have been some very good ones, I have to honestly say, WE LOVE THESE PRODUCTS!

I was skeptical at first, because the shampoo appears very thin and watery. I thought, is this ever going to lather and clean? But it did! Wonderfully. And you know how some shampoo takes a while to rinse out of the hair thoroughly? This rinses out VERY QUICKLY. I was amazed. An 8 ounce bottle is just $9!

Because they are made from mainly organic ingredients, they are safe for the sensitive skin of Yorkies. Yorkie Splash and Yorkie Shine also help promote a healthy, luxurious coat for your Yorkie.

Besides the shampoo there is a great silky conditioner and detangler spray.

Check out YORKIE SHAMPOO - and tell them TRIXIE SENT YOU!

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