Monday, March 8, 2010

Cat and Dog Washing Machines

Giving your sweet little Yorkie a weekly bath isn't that bad
of a job. But dog owners that own bigger dogs have
a much harder time. And a groomer will charge at least $25
to bath your pet. And cats, FORGET IT!~Most cats hate water!
A couple years ago the first Pet Washing Machine was launched.
And now, they are really catching on all over Europe and Japan,
and even a couple here in the US.
For about $5-7, the machine wets the pet, sprinkles shampoo,
wets and rinses, and then blow dry's the pet.

The device looks something like an over-sized microwave, with a large opening through which you insert your pet. Once the door is shut (and presumably locked) you pay your money, punch in a few options (anti-flea spray? deodorant? under-body anti-rust coating?), and then stand back and watch as your pet throws a fit of epic proportions while jets of high-pressure suds whisk away all that nastiness, before driers blow them clean.
Some machines have holes so owners can put their
hands in and scrub the pet and the pet feels more connected.

Naka Honda said that his Yorkshire Terrier, Benji,
"hated" the dryer, but so long as the owner stood
outside the glass the dog was ok. Honda added that
he did not think it was cruel, though he admitted Benji
took a bit of getting used to the clean.
The 30-minute process is entirely safe.
I don't think cats will ever like getting wet!

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Anonymous said...

I think Tootie likes her little routine a lot better than this one!