Thursday, January 21, 2010

Male Yorkie Marking His Territory.HELP!

So how do you housebreak a Yorkie?
OY. There are 1001 answers.
Some train easier than others.
Miss trixie was 75% pad trained when she
was 6 months. However, she didn't hit
100% until she was 1 year old.
A reader wrote a note today asking
How do I stop my Male Yorkie from marking his territory???
So we thought we would open it up for discussons. Any thoughts?


Dog Belly Bands said...

Make sure your dog is neutered is a big thing.

If they do still mark, try having them wear a belly band. First, they won't be able to pee on stuff. Second I have heard of dogs that stop marking because they don't like the peeing on themselves.

It is a tough situation to have your dog mark in your house :(

Anonymous said...

I could never get my male yorkie to stop marking because the previous owners of the house we lived in had dogs who had marked all the doorframes already. This time I got a female....problem fixed! LOL

DogZoom said...

Your Yorkie stories are amazing, we love them! We would also love you to introduce the Miniature Yorkshire Terrier breed to the world in our Breed Info Challenge!

Anonymous said...

The belly band idea is one of the best. Also, having a dog door available at all times, may cut down the marking considerably. Anytime the dog marks, you must absorb immediately, then dowse with Natures Miracle No Mark. Another choice is to tie a lead to your waist, and hook up your baby on the other end. This way he will be unable to do anything without your notice. This is a process, so don't expect immediate results. Yorkies should not have the run of a house, it is too large for them and almost always works against potty training. Bell training also is very effective!...By the by, there is no such thing as a miniature Yorkie. The standard for the breed is four to seven pounds. Anything under or over is below or beyond breed standard. Also, "tea cup" is a sign of a disreputable breeder. If the term is used...RUN!
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Trina said...

Belly Bands are my Yorkies best friend! I should say my life saver to a pee-free home. My Peanut used the pee-pad all the way untill he was 10 months old then he decided it was time to lift that leg of his.. No Way! was this going to keep happening.. I finally introduced him to the belly-band and my house been pee free ever since. :o)