Sunday, October 25, 2009

SCHMITTY and PUDGE - Awesome 2010 Yorkie Calendar!

If you read this site, you know who

2 of my BEST YORKIE FRIENDS in the whole world!

I hope I can be that famous some day!
I wanted you to be the first to know -
Schmitty's Healthy Do's and Don'ts 2010 calendar is here!
I'm so excited I could just pee!

With fun pics and tips, Schmitty's Healthy Do's and Don'ts
is the perfect holiday gift for that special pet parent to
help them help their dogs live a happy and healthy life.

AND GET THIS! A bonus for our readers!
if you order by November 1st, 2010,
you get a really cool SCHMITTY leashe - FREE!
Yup, a free leash valued at $11.99!



tb727 said...

Schmitty and Pudge rock! Love their stuff, I get their calendar every year.

Coco Chanel said...

I love their calendars and cards! The photos are just TOO CUTE!