Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Giving Your Dog or Cat Wheat Chex for Fiber

Last year, our cat was having issues with her glands not expressing properly.
We took her to vet, who charged us $150.
One month later, same problem. But not as severe. $100.
The next month, we took her in before the problem occured and paid $35. And we did the same for 2 months following. Cha-Ching. Cha-Ching. We asked the vet, what we could do? The vet offered no real answers. She said if we didn't want to bring the cat in every month, there was a surgey for $1500 they could perform!

A few weeks later I met a vet in a social setting who was visiting from another country. He suggested giving the cat some wheat chex to her diet - he said the tiny amount of fiber should keep her glans fine. And guess what? It worked! So now she gets a few little wheat chex every day and she loves them! Why didn't my vet suggest this simple soultion?
Because most doctors and vets, I believe, are all about making money. Why should they suggest a do-it-yourself fix for a couple dollars, when they can make money off you?!

Anyway, fast foward 1 year. We got Trixie! She loves Wheat Chex too, and keeps snatching them from the cat's bowl. So now she too, gets a few of the little treats each day in her food.
Both animals have had no problems and enjoy them!


Yorkie Dogs said...

Very interesting... And to think you could have dropped 3.47 from the get-go for a box of Wheat Chex and been done with it.

This is actually a good tip though and I will keep it in mind if I ever run into the same pinch with my Yorkie Dogs!

cigalechanta said...

I've been giving my mii poodle some of mine for breakfast and came n line today to see if it was ok to do so.