Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Miniature Yorkie On Vacation

I am so sorry I have not been posting more -
It has been a crazy busy month!
And now we are headed out on vacation for a week!
But I promise to post more next month.
In the meantime, thanks to everyone
for sending in their pictures!


Anonymous said...

ur pictures r so adorable. i am about to get a female.ur pictures have been persuading me to get one a lot thanks.

Ondreaa said...

Omg! So cute. I'm going to get a boy soon, his name is going to be Chico. (: What's yours..?

Shelly said...

I just got me my lil yorkie, he's adorable. His name is Teddy. I waited on my lil boy since mother was in heat. It seemed like forever, but he is every bit worth the wait. Hope ur lil Guy is as precious as mine. Good luck to all new owners of these baby's. Amazing! Does anybody have any potty training tips for a mother to a 8 Wk old who lives in a 3 story apartment? Would luv any output on this matter. Thanks, Shelly

Anonymous said...

your mini toy yorkie looks like my mini toy yorkie her name is gigi i got her for christmas i used to babysit her parents when they were puppies.