Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dogs Can Get Electrocuted By Chewing Cords

My adorable sweet little Trixie, who is
9 months old, has been chewing through electrical
cords around the house! Luckily, she has not been

I don't know if this is beacuse she is still teathing??
She has plenty of rubber toys to chew on.
Any ideas on here to stop here?
Someone suggested Bitters Apple Spray...

If your dog has been electrocuted you will need to get him
to a vet for emergency care. In the meantime, until you
can get the dog to the vet, there are some
emergency first aid things you can do.
Emergency First Aid for your dog.

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Anonymous said...

Do not spray any thing on an electical cord! You could electrocute yourself!!! There is specially made coorigated plastic tubing just for enclosing electrical cords! Stores that sell organizational things have them and sometimes you can find them in the baby proofing section of home building,repair,hardware,radioshack type stores. Also try googleing or ebaying for this special tubing. You can spray the tubing with bitter apple or hot sauce and let it dry first before inserting the the cords into the tubing. You don't want the cords to get hot,(will catch something on fire!!!) so make sure the tubing is approved for this kind of use!!!! Puppy proofing is the single best thing you can do first! Read about handleing animals or people that are electrocuted. You can get electrocuted yourself, just touching them! To much to explain here! Good luck!