Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Stop The Puppy Mills

Discarded cats at a "puppy mill".

According to The Humane Society of the United States,
there may be as many as 10,000 puppy mills operating across the United States.

Many of the dogs born in puppy mills end up in pet stores or sold on the Internet.
Which is not illegal. But the puppy mill animals go through an awful life are frequently end up being sickly with a variety of health issues. Yorkies are so popular, many
puppy mills crank this breed out.

Pets enrich our lives in so many ways.
They are always there for us, loyal, nonjudgemental
yet they ask so very little. A clean safe home. Food, water & love.
Help with the fight against animal mills for the sake
of the ones who have no voice... worse yet, no choice.

Learn more about how to avoid buying a puppy mill

dog, and take the pledge to stop puppy mills today.


Ida said...

That is so hard to see. I have one yorkie-russell and a jackhuahua, so to look at animals stuffed in a can is difficult. =(

yorkiegirl said...

i am heartbroken...i cant believe these scumbags get away with this. i have looked into the eyes of many dogs cats and so on...they are so full of love for you and would do anything to be yours. they are such loyal loving pets and for someone to treat them as there paychecks is sickening!!!! what is wrong in this world when people have to be so greedy that they will lock these poor creatures up and leave them to suffer????alls they care about is the money they can make off of them. i have a beautiful baby girl yorkie who is now 11 months old and she is so loved by everyone. she owns our home, not us. we treasure her and when i look into her eyes alls i see is love. how can you sick sociopaths sleep at night????????do you not have visions in your head of these poor anmals suffering, or does the money you get in return seem like reward enough. what kind of sick upbringing did you have that made you so horrible. what comes around goes around and someday you too will suffer!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

omg. im only 12 and when i look at this my eyes start to tear up. i cant believe this isnt illegal... u think some1 would put a stop to this.. for instance.. obama. im actual online rite now to try and find ways tht i can help stop puppy mills... and to b honest... when i grow up my dream is to go undercover and apply to help a puppy mill and then hav a hidden video camera and pput it on my shirt... then take it to the government... and shut down all puppy mills across the country.. people like this r just sick and i think they should b treated like they treat the animals and c how they like it ... cuz im sure the sure wont like it at all... people like this need to b put in mental facilities cuz this is just sick andneeds to b stopped
in loving memory of these poor animals,

casey oryan said...

Hi. This is an fyi sidebar...

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Thank You