Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dangerous Foods For Your Yorkie

While it can be very tempting to give your little begger
"just a bite" - some foods can be dangerous to Yorkies.

* Alcohol poisoning could occur in your Yorkshire Terrier if he eats bread dough containing yeast. It can release alcohol in large quantities when it ferments in your dogs' stomach.

* Grapes and raisons can cause fatal kidney failure in some dogs. For some unknown reason, there are dogs that grapes and raisons seem to have no ill effect on while others become very ill after eating only a couple. Although the exact toxin is unknown to date, the first symptom of illness from grapes and raisons is vomiting, followed by fatal kidney failure.

* You should avoid feeding your dog most nuts due to their high phosphorus content and definitely never feed macadamia nuts to your dog.
These could cause temporary rear leg paralysis in your pet.
Really try to avoid giving your pet human food.
You never know how their little tummies might react.


Pet Supply said...

I read in other article that grapes is not good for dogs...now I know why, thanks to your information...Anyway one more thing they say that chocolate too is not good for our dogs...

Gosh said...

Thank you for this awareness alert on what is good and not good for our pet. I will be very careful on the next doggie diet I choose.

Yorkie Clothes said...

Nice info. Alot of people are misinformed and don't know what really is bad for them. These are some definite things to keep your Yorkie away from.