Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Yorkie Comes Back To Life After Chewing Cord


Cheeky pup Dylan Thomas got the shock of his life when he sparked a massive power surge which flung his owner through the air.

The five-month-old miniature Yorkshire Terrier chewed through a bedside lamp and was zapped by electricity, leaving him stiff and motionless. Desperate owner Andrew Dixon tried to claw the wire out of the dog's mouth – but ended up flying 6ft across his bedroom and into a wall.

Hero son-in-law Mark Stevens then jumped to the rescue and brought the dog, named after the famous Welsh poet, back to life by massaging his tiny chest. Andrew soon recovered but was left with a nasty burn on his arm while the nine-inch long pup had to have part of his frazzled tongue amputated.

Andrew, 54, had gone to bed early and nodded off, unaware that Dylan was chewing through the wire of his bedside light. The carpet fitter said: "I must have woken up, put my light on, and he was chewing through the wire."I jumped up and tried to pull the wire out of his mouth. It was my first reaction but I should have turned the switch off."I tried to pull it out of his
mouth. It knocked me off the bed over the other side of the room. I got a fair belt off it. I landed against the wall.

"Vet Mandy Mayo, of Dimples Veterinary Practice in Caton Road, Lancaster, operated on Dylan Thomas. She said "How it didn't kill him I don't know."

-Dogs are like kids - you have to watch them all the time!!!

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