Saturday, January 19, 2008

Love animals? Start Your Own Pet Business!

Tupperware parties have gone to the dogs!
Have some wine and chesse and talk pet stuff
with your neighbors while shopping at home!

According to an article at Kansas City Star,
With pet owners demanding increasingly elaborate
goods and services for their animals, one of the latest
strategies in the $40.8 billion pet industry is taking its
cue from Tupperware: displaying the products in living
rooms and inviting friends over to check them out.

Assuming that busy people will gather for a shopping
opportunity cloaked in a social event, direct-sales
companies such as Shure Pets and Petlane are
selling their paw balm and pet food over artichoke dip
and a glass of Pinot. The evenings may begin with neighborhood
gossip but typically end with conversations
about pets and how to pamper them.

“Pet people are some of the most social people out there.
They are looking to connect with other pet lovers,” says
Andrew Shure, who started Shure Pets in 2002. His company now
has 1,700 consultants selling in all 50 states. The approach
has met its greatest success in suburban settings where
houses have more space, because guests are invited
to bring their pets. (Cats rarely attend.)

According to the American Pet Products Manufacturers
Association, Americans are spending twice as much on
their pets as they did a decade ago and seeking out
more than the usual offerings at pet superstores and
grocery aisles. Many lavish their animals with state-of-the-art
health care, customized beds, organic food, doggie spas and
videos of chirping birds to amuse the family cat.

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