Sunday, May 27, 2007

Pampered Pup Yorkie

Palm Beach, FL --
The winner of the nationally conducted contest
to find America's Most Pampered Pup arrived in style at
the famed Palm Beach Chesterfield Hotel today
via chauffeured Bentley Arnage. Introduced by
Jennifer Hovey, owner of The Pampered Pup boutique
which sponsors the annual event, the winner of this year's
contest is "Phoebe My Love," a
three-year old Teacup Yorkshire Terrier.

The online contest had over 10,000 pampered pooches
entered and more than 1,000,000 votes cast before "Phoebe"
was proclaimed the grand prize winner. Chosen from 12 monthly
winners, she lives in Alpharetta, Georgia with
her owners Liz and John Biltgen.

America's Most Pampered Pup will be showered with
a grand prize package that includes: First Class flights
aboard Delta Airlines for the winner and her owners;
a three-day, two-night stay at pet-friendly The Chesterfield
Hotel located in Palm Beach, Florida; gift baskets that include
designer collars, clothes, beds, toys, and treats hand-selected
for her; spa treatments for both the winner and her owner;
and, inclusion in print and television advertisements.
The 2007 search for America's Most Pampered Pup is
currently underway and can be entered online at her stay in South Florida
"Phoebe" will experience the red-carpet treatment with spa visits,
bistro dining, and a shopping trip on famed Worth Avenue.

Since first opening its doors in 2002, The Pampered Pup
has grown into two South Florida locations with its flagship
store on Datura Street in the heart of West Palm Beach.
Further, the franchise has become an industry leader
with its online boutique (
Owned and operated by Jennifer and Derek Hovey,
the boutique strives to provide a top-quality selection of
specialty dog products, as well as unique gifts for the dog-lover,
and a bakery full of fresh dog treats. The designer dog boutique
products include dog apparel, toys, collars, and luxurious carriers.
Whether a champion dog breed or a magnificent mutt,
the Pampered Pup has just the dog accessories you are looking for.
For more information contact The Pampered Pup at 561 833 9948.


Anonymous said...

It was so obvious that this dog cheated to win. This other dog which deserved to win cos it had made a funny video which showed how pampered it was as part of its entry was leading all month long then this dog suddenly gets all these votes one night. A bunch of us were watching this contest as our dogs are on Dogster and we were rooting for the other dog because they had really made an effort. It was obviously rigged and I can't believe they let it happen. This was the only dog with no video entry either which was odd. Looked sooooo rigged to us. The Pampered Pup should be ashamed of themselves.

Anonymous said...

This contest was rigged. I believe they used proxy servers to cheat to win. I will no longer shop at The Pampered Pup.

Sara said...

Why would they let this cheater win? She had no video like the others did. I don't get it. This dog sits in a shop all day like an accessory.