Monday, February 19, 2007

Yorkie Talk


You will be able to chat with over 16,000

YorkieTalk members, read over 900,000 posted discussions,

and view more than 10,000 Yorkie photos

in the YorkieTalk Photo Gallery !


pissed off said...

I have a comment: Despite your clever 'disclaimers,' you need to get permission before using pictures that are the property of others! Some of the pictures on your website have been STOLEN from other Yorkshire Terrier owners and used without their permission. This is absolutely WRONG!

Coco Chanel said...


you did not leave any contact information to reach you , other than a bitchy comment.... -

if your dog is some kind of celebrity, or you want to claim ownership of photos posted to the Internet - and we did not give you due credit - for the photo that already existed on the Internet - then pardon moi!

let me know - and I will gladly REMOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All of the photos here already were on Internet previously, and we give due credit when and if we know who took the photo and the photo was of said dog.


Shari said...

usually a photo on the web is fair game unless it has a specific restriction. i wouldn't worry about it. most photos that are copyrighted will actually have the logo or watermark on them etc. if a person (ie. upset person aforementioned) is particular about others not using their photos, then they really need to copyright them, or watermark them on the web. they need to make it clear that they don't want the pics to be used.