Monday, May 14, 2007

Self-Serv Doggie Wash in California

Of course, California would be the first!
The sprayer pops out, spurting soap all over the dirty subject.
After that soaks in, the rinse water nozzle comes out and
the soap disappears down the drain.
No, it's not a car wash, although it's patterned after that process.
It's a self-serve dog wash — at a car wash.
Scrubbs Car Wash on the Skyway in Chico, CA, has installed
a do-it-yourself wash just for dogs — no matter the size or shape.
Dog owners link their pet's collar to securing chains and then
grab the sprayer. Just like the car wash, sprays, nozzles,
soap and conditioners come out at appropriate intermissions during
a wash, rinse and blow dry that can last from a quick-do in
five minutes, to a longer, more leisurely 15 minutes.
A two-speed blow dryer finishes the event.
$6 to $10 will clean your tiny Yorkie
or your big German Sherpard!

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