Friday, May 18, 2007


Knitters, Crocheters Craft Sweaters To Benefit Yorkies In Need!
Harrisonberg, VA.
According to Knit Works owner Cris Reid,
the store will give free knitting and crochet patterns
for small-to-medium-size dog sweaters to anyone who
wants to participate in the project, and will take the finished
projects through the end of July. The store has collected about
20 sweaters so far, Reid said, with other customers saying
they are ready to add their creations to the total.

Store employees and the knitters and crocheters
who shop there say they are happy to see Knit Works
go to the dogs while they benefit the mission of the
United Yorkie Rescue Organization.

Knit Works will give out free patterns and take

in dog sweaters through the end of July.

For more information about the project,

contact Knit Works Tuesday through Saturday at 434-6900.

For more information on volunteering, fostering or adopting

a Yorkshire Terrier from United Yorkie Rescue Organization,


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