Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Yorkshire Terrier Saffy Swallows Needle

Animals are like children.
And you really have to pet-proof your house in a
similar way you would child-proof it. Animals are
inquisitive. They like to investigate things!
Little Saffy was taking to her vet with a bad cough.
Come to find out, she swallowed a 2-inch sewing needle!
Saffy's owner Susan comments: “I caught Saffy playing with
the cotton reel, but had no idea the needle was missing.
It was only when she started making retching noises and
pawing at her mouth that I realised something
was wrong and she needed to see a vet straightaway.”

Saffy was taken to the hospital where a long thin
object was discovered at the back of her throat. Veterinary Surgeon,
Eva Rodriguez, comments: “Saffy must have caught sight of the
shiny needle and while playing with it, accidentally
gulped it down. She was very lucky not to have swallowed it!”
Saffy’s throat was very sore, so she was given
medication to reduce the swelling. After a few hours rest,
she was bright, alert and very hungry!
Susan says: “It was heart-breaking to see Saffy so distraught.
She’s usually so happy and bursting with energy.

“Although she’s been on her best behaviour
since the accident, my sewing box is now locked away
and the whole family makes sure we don’t leave any small
items lying around the house, just in case!”
Moral of the story: pay attention to what your dog investigates.
Don't leave small items out.
If a child could choke on it, so could a dog.

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