Friday, March 16, 2007

Yorkshire Terrier Dognappings

Tiny dogs are often the target of dognappings.
In the UK recently,
A devastated dog owner is joining police in
an appeal for witnesses after a Yorkshire terrier was stolen from
outside a shop. Poppy, a three-year-old dog,
was tied up outside a store. Film footage shows the dog being taken away
by a young man or boy while its owner was inside.

Jacqueline Horner, 51, said: "She's lovely and would
go with anyone - she's too nice and not aggressive."
That's the problem with so many dogs.
They have such kind hearts they would in fact
go with anyone.
A Texas town has reported a string of
dognappings. A Yorkshire Terrier was stolen right out a woman's
parked car. Since then, more stolen terriers have popped up.
The owner of a Boston Terrier says her dog was taken
right out of her fenced yard. Since her dog "Radar" has gone
missing, Lynn Kelly says she's placed ads in the paper
and put up fliers. Because of it, she says she's received many calls
from other owners claiming their terriers have also been stolen.
Lynn says she thinks someone is stealing the dogs and
reselling them, leading her to believe there's a stolen dog ring,
right here in East Texas.

"I don't know if people are just cruising by and you know,
maybe they're keeping their eyes open for them,
maybe it's spur of the moment, maybe they are seeing
them and coming back, I don't know....but I think something's
going on, something's going on," she says.
"They didn't steal my dog, they stole my heart."

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