Monday, March 5, 2007

Where Did Yorkies Come From?

(some of my Yorkie Flickr Friends!)

It is said,
Many years ago in England,
a wee breed of dog was developed from humble terrier stock
of many a disputed source. Its spirit was tenacious
and unquenchable - with an added spoon full of mischief.
Faithful and true was the heart they gave him.
Though coated with soft, shining blue and gold fit for
a queens parlor - this little one seldom stays beautiful with grass,
dirt and holes to explore.
Being designed as companion to Yorkshire’s weavers small homes -
this small fellow handled the vermin population which sought food
in the residences around the Factories and mills.
If ever man was meant to have a dog so perfect a friend -
it would be the Yorkshire Terrier!


Dskac said...

I have a Miniature Yorkie he is a year old. I truly like your web site and the infomation that it has. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I have 3 yorkies and my brother wanted to know where they came from.
He told me to look it up so I did.
Thanks for the information on them!