Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Orlando Bloom - Babysitting the Yorkie Again!

Pirates of the Caribbean star Orlando Bloom was spotted this weekend taking care of his girlfriend's pet dog, Frankie, once again. Seems like he is ALWAYS looking after that adorable little Yorkie!

According to Peoplepets.com, the actor carried the Yorkshire terrier through the Los Angeles set of The Good Doctor.

Frankie is said to belong to model Miranda Kerr, currently working in Australia.

Bloom apparently had to film a scene where he dives into the cold ocean fully clothed. - But kept the dog nearby.

"He's kind of aloof with people, but he's a good dog," Bloom said.


Sandra Morris said...

Doesn't he ever let that poor dog walk anywhere?

It'll lose the use of its legs!!!

This sort of thing gives Yorkies a bad name *said with tongue firmly in cheek*

Ninny said...

I don't know of anyone who would turn down an opportunity to babysit a yorkie! Orlando just climbed up four notches on my list!