Thursday, January 28, 2010

Yorkshire Terrier Is Number One in New York City

AKC announced that the YORKSHIRE TERRIER
Dropped to number 3 this year in the US.
However, it is the number one dog, for the second year
in a row, in NEW YORK CITY!

"New York City loves their small dogs," said Lisa Peterson, spokeswoman for the American Kennel Club, which released the list of the most popular pure breeds. "It just reinforces the fact that New Yorkers live a busy, fast-paced lifestyle and need their portable pooches."

FYI- I would guess the Yorkie is Number one is Europe also.
Last year in Prague and Paris, I saw Yorkies EVERYWHERE~!

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Anonymous said...

My perception of New Yorkers is one of city apartment dwellers. It only makes sense that if one lives in an apartment, one needs a small dog for a pet. However, being a Yorkie lover myself, I also feel that New Yorkers have excellent taste in pets!

Liz and Tootie