Monday, February 22, 2010

Yorkie Health Issues and Life Span

A friend of mine who has a 14 year old yorkie, recently spent about $2800 to have cataracts surgery done on the dogs eyes. The surgeries were done 1 year apart - and really have not helped much at all he said.

Yorkies are generally tough little dogs, but the breed does sometimes experience certain health disorders. Congenital liver shunts, hypothyroidism, eye irratations and renal displaysia are the main problems facing the breed today.

My little Trixie has patella luxation, and some yorkies get premature dental disease and some puppies are born with open fontanels.

Be very careful when buying small dogs. Make sure you know where, how and who bred the dog.

Generally speaking, yourkies will live 12-17 years, with 15 being about average.


Anonymous said...

I am certainly looking forward to the next 15 years with Tootie! Thanks for the information abour Yorkies.


Diane said...

That is the cutest little thing!!

Tn Yorkie Gal said...

I also have somethg to add about their health issues my Vet told me with these small dogs they may have joint problems at knees and hips (mainly in leg area) due to jumping high and running faster than their little bodies can catch up to..Anyone that owns these types of babies know exactly what iam talking about my Izzy walks on h3r two back legs more than all four and Is always up for doing good girl treats tricks without even being asked very smart breed that needs lots of love and care keep them groomed and brushed daily they will reward u with lots of kisses..i kinda got off track now lets see where was i haha they usually have extra space between joints that other dogs dnt have causing them to move out of place or socket..I have a female Yorkie Izzy and a Black and tan Yorkie Poo,Beamer, both are from same mother but different fathers obviously since they are two different breeds but almost same my yorkie poo is a little more curly hair and weighs 10lbs he is a male. We could not be more happier with both of them we got them one year apart and our tiny yorkie female is the youngest weighing 3 lbs at 6 months of age she is a baby.. I do notice they are very loyal dogs but the Yorkie Poo follows my every move and step no matter if he is sleeping if I leave the room he gets uo to follow, not sure if that's the poodle or yorkie in him but my yorkie female does not do that and I wish she would, does this mean she just isn't as bonding as Beamer is. She still gets very excited when I walk into the room she just doesnt follow me around as the Beamer..Well just wanted to show my love and give my extra advice..Thanks Tn Yorkie Gal

Unknown said...

I believe my miniature yorkie has celiac disease, or leaky gut which evrr you want to call it. Has anyone ever heard of this in the breed?