Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bark The Vote with Schmitty - The Real New Yorkie

Schmitty - The Real New Yorkie is back in the news!

A poll is not just a place to pee!

In an effort to raise voting awareness Schmitty says,

Let's walk our 2 legged companions to the polls this November and help them exercise their right to vote. Let our human friends know - One vote can make a difference. Together we can take a "bite" out of voter apathy. Just imagine if all the pet lovin' humans voted - what a kinder, friendlier place this would be. More votes - more treats!

Let's join the party and BARK THE VOTE!

100% of the proceeds raised will help

DOGS WHO CARE/dogs in shelters.

Watch the YOU TUBE video and

join Schmitty on MY SPACE.

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