Saturday, May 24, 2008

Barbara Walters Wants a Yorkie!

Guest author today- Schmitty -

OK, so this one takes the cake . . . whatever that means.
Me and my sister, Pudge were at B&N for a book signing
for Barbara Walters. My 2 legged folks were there to
get her fab new book, "Auditions" signed.

Pudge and I were there to give Ms. W. one of our
BARK THE VOTE postcards for her dog.

Well, not only did I have a chance to give Ms . Barbara our postcard,
but she gushed over us and started hugging Pudge.

Next thing you know - a 2 legged photographer said she
was from the Washington Post and takes all our names
(and a BARK THE VOTE postcard too!).

So, flash forward to the next day -
I'm half snoozing with the TV on "The View" when we
all hear Ms. Walters in playful alpha tones saying
"That was not my dog in the Washington Post picture with me this morning!"
I may be just a five pound pooch, but putting 2 + 2 together
and coming up 4 (I think?) - I knew "that dog" must be our little Pudge!

Get this - the caption under this gigantic picture that took up most of the front page of the WP's Style section says " . . . Barbara Walters with her pooch, Pudge at a book signing." Yikes! That's not Barbara's dog! Hey, Washington Post, do your homework! Arf-Arf !

As big a fan as we are of Barbara Walters - Pudge is not her dog and loves living with her two legged Mom & Dad and me very much. Pudge even wrote Ms. W. a note suggesting she have Pudge on "The View" to "right the wrong" of the Washington Post and tell her dog, Cha-Cha face-to-face to go to Bark the Vote to "vote", send in her Patriotic pooch pics . . .
even get her 2 legged friends to register to vote.

We also wrote the Washington Post (boy, are my paws tired!)
to try and get a correction and "bark" about BARK THE VOTE too.
But no word of a play date so far from Ms. Walters or The Washington Post.


Gosh said...

Of course this was your pudge we could all see it in the dogs eyes - all you needed to do was call out his name and the media would have had proof when pudge came running back to his rightful owner, who should be very proud that pudge was the real star of the book signing day.

Katie said...

Barbara Walters couldn't take of a Yorkie, at least I wouldn't trust her with my Yorkie...