Thursday, April 19, 2012

Does Your Dog Know When They Have Bad Haircuts?

Yesterday we took Trixie in to be trimmed up. With her usual groomer.  But she was only half listening to me when I told her how I wanted her trimmed up.

2 hours later I got my baby back with an AWFUL haircut - and even the dog knew it!  All day she moped around the house - and today she has not been usual self. It's like she has no confidence - her personality is deflated.

Do you thinks dogs know when they have a bad haircut?  or maybe it's just so short - she's feels different?


Kimberly&Snoopy said...

I think they know something is wrong by how we feel. My dog knows exactly what I am thinking and feeling and reacts to me. She is my best friend and I try to be positive around her so that is her only experience. Sadly I am not perfect and neither is my life. Recently I was divorced after many years and when I cry she cries with me and comforts me. I am the luckiest woman on earth because I have her.

Kimberly&Snoopy said...

I believe that they react to our emotions. I try to be positive for Snoopy. Sadly I am human and not perfect. I recently got a divorce after a long marriage and when I cry she cries. She comforts me and is always there for me. I do my best to always show her all the love and happiness she shows me. The only time she would be upset about a haircut would be if I showed her I was upset. She reacts to my emotions.

derrick sorles said...

They are SO SMART. That tiny little brain amazes me.

Kristin said...

Having known many Yorkies who have suffered bad haircuts, I believe their knowledge of it comes from their humans' others stated above.