Friday, March 23, 2012

Pet Smart Problem in Oxnard California

We get so many stories of complaints with PetSmart - I guess because they groom so many dogs? And so many people use them?

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Another PetSmart Horror Story":

Please BEWARE of PetSmart in Oxnard, Ca. ( store # 136 )

On Sunday morning ( 3-11 ) around 10:30 in the morning I dropped off my little dog at the PetSmart on Oxnard Blvd. ( store # 136 ) for a grooming.
A young goofy looking guy took wrote me up. He asked if the phone number they had on file was a good number to reach me at and I told him NO, that was my wifes number and gave him my cell number. He wrote it down, took my dog and said she would be ready around 3:30 .....I left.

Around 2:30 in the afternoon he called me and told me there had been a accident and the had to take my dog to the vet ( Banfield in the same building ) because he had cut her "dew claw" and it would require a minor surgery with stitches. ( I asked him why this would require an additional 3 hours and he told me they were very busy ). I was a little upset and worried about my dog but hey, accidents happen right ?

My wife got off work at 4:30 pm and called me to tell me PetSmart had just called and our dog was ready to be picked up. I told her what had happened and she went straight over picked her up and brought her home.

I went out and took our dog out of the car. She had a big bandage on her hind leg / foot and a plastic "cone" around her neck. I took her out of the car and let her down in the grass to see if she needed to go potty. Her foot did not seem to bother her that much but I knew something was wrong. She was lethargic and shaking. I reached down to pick her up and accidentally touched her tail. she reached around and tried to bite me! We noticed she was hiding her tail and would not wag it at all...clearly something was very wrong.

The next day the vet called to see how our dog was doing. I expressed my concern about her tail and she told me they would look at it on Wednesday at her "recheck" appointment.

When we took her back the vet told us her leg was healing well. She then did an x ray on her tail and found it to be BROKEN in the middle.

No wonder our little dog was shaking, she was in PAIN !

Did this happen at the groomers or at the vet ? Was it an accident or abuse ? I don't know. All I DO KNOW is that when I took my dog there she DID NOT have a broken tail. Why did they not tell us about this ? How could someone break a dogs tail and not know it ?

Also, when my wife got home she had a few messages on her phone from Banfield calling for authorization for anesthesia for the surgery. ( my wife cannot take her phone into her work and needless to say did not answer ) they went ahead and did the surgery under local anesthesia . These bozo's JUST CALLED ME at 2:30 on MY PHONE to tell me what happened .....Talk about incompetent !

If you are thinking about taking your beloved pet to these people I would think twice. All I wanted to do is go spend a little of my hard earned money with them and get my dog a hair cut. NEVER AGAIN !


Muji Anto said...

When we took her aback the vet told us her leg was healing well. She again did an x ray on her appendage and begin it to be BROKEN in the middle.

Los Angeles dog groomers said...

This is really scary. They really should have some sense of responsibility.

Unknown said...

I would NEVER leave my dog at any groomer for more than an hour. The petsmart I use here in Rockville, MD offers an express appointment for $20 extra. It is so worth it because my dog is only there for an hour. She is a 3.5 pound yorkie. When you have a small dog like a yorkie, you have to understand there are added expenses required to ensure they are safe. Personally, I would pay this for ANY dog of mine because I am just that type of mother. I have taken my dogs to private groomers and they were awful. I would make sure you find a groomer you trust and stick wtih them. You might pay more but it is worth it and your baby should only get the best anyway! : ) Hope she is doing better..poor baby!