Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Boo the Yorkshire terrier watches his favourite show, Spot the Dog.

CATS and dogs are digging digital TV.

Pets can now pick out images on digital that they could not follow on the old analog boxes.

Melbourne animal eye specialist Andrew Turner said his cat Milo always tuned in to the TV when he watched golf on a pay TV sports channel.

"He sits there watching the ball fly through the air and when it lands on the green, that's his cue to whack it," he said.

One of two specialists at All Animal Eye Services in Mt Waverley, Dr Turner said that far from being colour blind, dogs saw blues and yellows.

And while analog images were shown at speeds too slow for dogs to identify, digital let them pick out the pictures.

"There is no harm in allowing an animal to watch TV, so long as their viewing habits are matched with an adequate exercise program," Dr Turner said.

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Bailey and me said...

Awwww that is a lovely picture. My Yorkie Rocky does the same thing, his favorite show is the dog whisperer he loves to follow the dogs on the screen and sits there with his tail wagging.