Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Yorkie and Other Dog Hair Can Help With the Oil Spill Clean Up

news from New Hampshire -

Sherri Goodreau, a groomer with The Merrimack Veterinary Hospital on Daniel Webster Highway in/near New Hampshire had a great idea; start collecting hair and fur to ship to an organization that uses the super-oil-absorbent strands to make products that will help contain oil spilled in the Gulf.

“The owners think it’s really neat,” said Goodreau, who’s worked at the hospital for 18 years. “They’re all really excited about it.”

The collected hair and fur will be sent to the nonprofit California-based organization, Matter of Trust, which aims to “link ideas, spark action and materialize sustainable systems,” according to its Web site.

Because they are natural oil absorbers, Matter of Trust is collecting trimmings from all over the country to weave “hair mats” – for placement on beaches – and “hair booms” – in which hair is stuffed into recycled nylon booms for placement on the water.

The organization made hair mats to help soak up oil on beaches in the San Francisco area following a cargo ship spill of 58,000 gallons of oil in 2007.

For this most recent spill, the organization has 15 warehouse locations for hair and fur collection, including spaces in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida, according to the organization’s Web site.


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Amanda said...

wow, that is awesome!! i just got a half yorkie...i wonder if his hair would work. great post by the way!!