Thursday, April 1, 2010

Summertime in Chicago! Dog Days at the Beach!

Yesterday was a glorious 75 and today was 83!
W O W!
Yesterday is slept in the window most of the day
and enjoyed the soft breeze and fresh spring smells.

Today, I got to the go the BEACH!

(Did you know, Chicago has over 30 beachs,
550 parks, and 40 miles of lakefront area? We go to
Hollywood/Osterman Beach mostly.)

It was our first day at the beach for year!
The Winter snow fences are not even down yet,
but about 50 people were out there enjoying the warm breeze
and rays of sunshine!

I got my feet a little wet - but of course, Lake Michigan
is chilly till July! But I met about 10 other dogs today
and we got to run around in the warm sand!

I am so glad Winter is over.
Summer in Chicago is glorious!


Yorkie Girl said...

Oh the beach looks fab!!!! I bet my Mia would have an absolute ball running around on the sand. And my Lily would soak up the sun like an all star! Love the pics!!

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Yorkshire Terrier Care said...

The beach looks beautiful and very relaxing. I really enjoyed the cute pictures!

doggerlady said...

your little yorkie is a real cutie :). We can see that she enjoys the beach, the sun and the breeze very much :).
Best wishes for you all,