Friday, November 13, 2009

Yorkie Road Trip Cross Country!

I took my first big road trip last week, across country!

What a long ride that was! WHEW!

3 days on the road, Chicago down to Florida.

But my Gramma Pat spends winters in Florida, so we drove
her down and got her settled in.

On the way down, we stopped in Ohio, Kentucky,

Tennessee, and Georgia! I slept a lot in the car.

I saw the BIGGEST ORANGE in my life!
And came face to face with an ALLIGATOR!

I laid by the window a lot and enjoyed the sun. It was 90

degrees a couple days and much too hot for me!

On the way home, I rode in a plane! That was kind of scarey.

They made me ride in a bag and the nasty stewardess

on Continental wouldn't let me get on the seat with my dad.

That airlines is NOT very pet friendly.

Sure, they take your money, and make you ride under seat!

$125 EACH WAY mind you! Meanwhile on our flight,

a screaming baby, got to ride for FREE on his mothers lap.

I would call that DOG DISCRIMINATION!

I am glad to be home in Chicago -

but it's getting cold here.....

I think I will curl up in a ball and dream about Florida....


Anonymous said...

What a fun road trip! You are one lucky pup. I went from NYC to LA and back during my BARK THE VOTE campaign last year. 8000 miles! What fun, but glad to get home too. I totally agree about flying - it's real expensive and we don't get to sit in the seat. Airlines need to get with it when it comes to us pups. It's getting cold here in NYC too. Love your site.
Arf-Arf, Schmitty

Anonymous said...

You are so cute! Kisses from maika! A latín dog in Italy! 