Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer in Chicago with Miss Trixie Lee Deluxe

It is the first week of June, and it is 52 degrees today in Chicago!
What happened to Global Warming?!
In May, I did get out to the Chicago beach a couple times,
but now I can't go to the beach until after Labor Day.
Well, this past weekend was nice and warm and sunny, and my dad's took me out to their favorite pub and restaurant ROSCOES. They have a patio in the summer and I can go there and sit with adults. The weather was nice, but today it's darn right cold again!
I am from Missouri!


DogsDeserveFreedom said...

I know how that is! I was asking the exact same question a few days ago ... but we're here in Ontario!


Anonymous said...

uuuhhh, it gets cold in Mo. still dosn't it? I have been away since 1965, but it got cold in Mo. then. Just don't put your sweaters away until the last of June ;) That is what we do in the South. Hot one day, cold the next,shorts one day, hoodie sweatshirt the next. Keep your options open ;) Spring is what cotten sweaters are for ;)

DogsDeserveFreedom said...


I'm tidying up my blogroll ( Blogroll Cleanup June) and was wondering if you were still interested in exchanging blogroll links? Let me know if you are.



Coco Chanel said...

I have added you to my Dog Roll / Blogroll!


Sandra Morris said...

I love her rainbow collar! Where did you get it?

Coco Chanel said...

Found the collar at Target! It was only like $5 - 6 .