Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Phoebe Price and her Yorkie

Who the heck is Phoebe Price, anyway?

This woman could be the new Paris Hilton.

She has become famous for doing nothing. Really. And walks
more red carpets than anyone in Hollywood.
After getting her start as an international actress and model
(in such cities as Capetown. S.A. Athens, Greece and Milan, Italy - allegedly)
Phoebe came to Los Angeles and continues to perfect her craft by studying
with some of the best coaches in acting. She has had a handful
of bit parts, but nothing great.
But she does have a great Yorkie named HENRY.
And her and Henry were seen picking out
pumpkins last week in Beverly Hills.


Faith said...

Never heard of Phoebe Price but love Yorkies. I have a miniature 4lb one too. I call him Yorkie on Blogger but that's not his real name. That baby picture of Trixie is sooo so cute!

desert dame said...
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