Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Look out World, I am coming to Chicago!

It's official!
I have been adopted by
Michael and Derrick!

I was born in Oklahoma 10 weeks ago
and will be jet-setting to the Windy City on Dec. 20th to my new home!
I only weigh 1# right now.
And they said I have to gain at least
another 1/2 # before I can fly.

My dad's are not sure what to name me.....These are the choices...





What do you think? Let us know your thoughts and I
will be back soon helping to write this blog!



Cecils Mom said...

Too cute, congrats sorry I missed you...we will have to have a play date as soon as your guy is ready. Cecil loves other the way I think Dolce works ....xoxo Reena

Wynter said...

Tooo cute, I like Juicy the best.. I like fun and unusual names =) My little ones name is Gracie Lou Freebush ;)

Janet said...

I like Dulce....(is she a female yorkie?)Sounds very cute!We are in chicago too!Hopefully Dulce can join our yorkie meetup club! keep us posted!