Monday, September 10, 2007

This Yorkie is a Snappy Dresser!

Although he is small in stature,
Hattiesburg, MS, resident Deuce has
tremendous style. Deuce, a 6-pound
Yorkshire terrier, is known for his fashionable
clothing and precious accessories. Deuce's owner,
Amanda Foster, said he has had style since the
moment she picked him up in Mobile, Ala.
"When I got him, we went straight to PetSmart
when we got home and bought him a shirt," Foster said.
Foster's love of fashion for Deuce has only
blossomed over the nine months he has been a member of her family.
Foster said Deuce currently has a large
wardrobe that consists of T-shirts, polo shirts
and a rhinestone collar with a heart-shaped
identification charm dangling from it.
"He gets a lot of compliments on his clothes,"
Foster said. "I think he knows he is wearing
clothes and that people can see him. When he is
dressed up, he likes to be on the counter at the
store so people can see him. When he is
not dressed up, he likes to hide."

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Anonymous said...

Hi Coco Chanel,
what a elegant website you have!
I love little Yorkshires, too!
Yesterday I've been to a fabolous little Yorkie birthday party in Boston, MA. I guess you would have appreciate it!