Friday, February 2, 2007

Land of Miniature Yorkie Art

You see a lot of animal art out there,
but I came across this lady this week and
thought her hand-crafted items were so beautiful
and life-like, I wanted to share them with you!
"I have been doing art work, painting , crafts, computer graphics
for years. However I have never
experienced anything like Needle Felting."

"I stumbled upon a website about needle felting ,

I sent away for directions to making a bear and applied it to a dog...

and before I knew I had a cute little Yorkie!!!"

"I truly am in love with life, and I feel there

isn't enough time in the day to enjoy it!

I am an insulin dependent diabetic. So with every sale I

make selling these cuties, I donate a percent

to the American Diabetes Association."

( The dog on the right is real, the left is a little piece of art)

Stop by here site and see her work!

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