Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Yorkie Rescues

There are numerous Yorkie Rescues around the country
helping Yorkies in need!

The Yorkshire Terrier Rescue Network

United Yorkie Rescue

Yorkie Rescue & Adoption

Rescue Me - Yorkie Rescue

Next Day Pets

Retro Doggy Rescue

Canadian Terrier Rescue

Bark Bytes

YTCA Rescue

Save A Yorkie

Yorkies INC

These are just some I found searching recently!
There are probably more!
PLEASE, consider helping our little friends!

You may be wondering why Yorkies would be in need of rescue.
Many owners either die or go into nursing homes;
other owners have major lifestyle changes likethe birth of a
child or a divorce or a transfer overseas.Some owners simply
tire of their Yorkies and take them to a shelter.
Some are found on the street and are taken to a shelter.
Some are puppy mill Yorkies who are seized during a raid.

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