Monday, December 6, 2010

Yorkies and Puppy Potty Wee Wee Pads

PUPPY PADS are just about one of the greatest inventions ever!
We live in Chicago, on the second floor of a walk-up.
I don't have the time, to run my little Yorkie up and down those stairs
6 times a day! Nor do I want to, especially in the Winter!

Trixie arrived to us in the middle of Winter, 3 years ago. We knew as a newborn, we did not want to run her outside in the snow and cold to do her business. So we opted for pad training. Most of our home is hard wood floors. So we layed the pads directly on the wood. In one room we have plush carpet, so we bought a sturdy plastic tray to hold that pad.
Within 8 weeks, she was using the pads religiously! When Spring came, we decided it was much easier and way more convenient to just keep using the pads. Allowing her to go to bathroom whenever
she wanted without interupting our days.

The pads can be costly, when purchased from your local pet stores. But I discovered Med NET Direct online that offers THE BEST PRICES in the country! Shipped right to your door for FREE! Buy them by the case and save hundreds of dollars per year, over the pet store prices! They also have lots of other dog and pet products on their site worth checking out.

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